Car Wax Waxing Should Be Carefully Selected A Few Precautions

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1. Wax types and options Present, Market The wax on a wide range of both solid and liquid divided, but also high-end and mid-range of the other, there is the choice of domestic and imported.

Performance of a variety of different wax, its role and effect are not the same, so must be careful in the selection, choose inappropriate not only not protect the body, but to paint color. Under normal circumstances, the role should be based on characteristics of wax, the age of the vehicles, paint colors, and driving environment factors to consider. For advanced car may make use of high-grade wax; the best car polish wax with color coating to protect the body's luster and color; Xia Tianyi wax with UV protection; driving environment with a protective effect is less prominent when the tree more cheese wax appropriate; while ordinary vehicles, with the common pearl or metallic paint series of wax can be. Of course, use wax must also be considered compatible with the paint color, generally dark-colored paint is black, red, green line of car wax, light-colored paint used silver, white, pearl-color series of car wax.

2. Car waxing Note (2) to grasp the waxing frequency. As the traffic environment and different parking places, waxing time interval should be different. Generally have garage parking, and more in good vehicles on the road, every 3-4 months to play a wax; open storage of vehicles, due to wind and rain, preferably once every 2-3 months, wax play. Of course, this is not mandatory, the general feeling of touching the body when not smooth, you can re-waxing.

(3) waxing it before washing the body of water looks clean soil and dust. Remember not to blindly use of detergent and soap, which contains sodium chloride due to erosion of body composition will paint, wax and rubber membrane, so that loss of gloss paint, rubber aging. If there is no dedicated car washing water, washing vehicles with water, the body dry and then wax.

(4) should be in the shade to car wax to ensure the body will not heat. Because as the temperature, the wax adhesion worse, will affect the quality wax.

(5) wax, apply the amount of wax coated sponge, in a straight line back and forth smearing the body, not the wax down in the car or doing a circle-style painting graffiti; a continuous operation to complete, not Tu Tu the stop; general wax layer Tuyun 5-10min after the polish with a new towel, but the quick wax coated side should be polished edge.

(6) After the body waxing, in lights, license plates, doors and cracks in the luggage compartment, etc. will leave some wax to make the body look very beautiful. Scale of these places if not promptly cleaned of wax, may also result in corrosion. Therefore, be sure to wax after the wax so after thoroughly cleanse the dirt, so to get the perfect wax effect.

Short, as people need, like beauty care, car also needs regular waxing to maintain a more beautiful, beautiful car capacity.

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Car Wax Waxing Should Be Carefully Selected A Few Precautions

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Car Wax Waxing Should Be Carefully Selected A Few Precautions

This article was published on 2010/09/29