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Batik is one of world's heritages that have been admitted by UNESCO. The batik is the most beautiful Indonesian textile with traditional motifs and made with the traditional method and color. Batik has been mentioned as the world heritage by UNESCO because of its uniqueness and beauty. The batik has various motifs and style. However, traditionally batik has several batik motifs such as Kawung, Ceplok, Parang, Sido Mulyo, Sido Dadi and several more. The batik is made on a piece of cloth measuring around 2m x 1m. The cloth used in making the batik is chosen from the woven cotton fabrics. The motifs of the batik are made using a traditional tool called canting. It looks like a tiny teapot. The canting is used to apply the wax containing dye to make the motif. The batik makers use melted wax and natural dye such as from the trees to make the batik more beautiful and looks natural. The wax is melted in a wajan and while the wax is still hot, canting is used to take a small part of the wax and then apply it to the white cloth that has been prepared. The batik makers apply the canting and the wax very carefully to create the best batik motifs that are very expensive in the market. According to several documents, there are more than three thousand batik patterns. The batik is easily to get, especially if you visit regions in Central Java such as Solo, Yogyakarta, Cirebon, and some other cities.

The batik is admitted to origin from Yogyakarta and solo but you can purchase the batik from almost all Indonesian online stores and some big international online stores. When buying batik online, you need to be careful because you can't touch and smell the product. The originality of the batik can only be identified from its smells and visual sense. Original batik has special smell that can't be imitated by any chemical materials. Therefore, you need to find the most reliable store to buy the batik products. If you have a chance visiting Indonesia, you'd better visit the batik makers in Yogyakarta or Solo.

When buying batik, you will have to choose between several forms of batik. On the market, you will find that the batik is sold in various forms such as baju batik (Indonesian), cloth piece, dress, and many others. Whatever batik form you buy, it has special smell as the identification of the originality. Another thing that you can used to identify the originality of the batik is the price. Hand-made batik is much more expensive because it needs patience and high skill to make it. If you want to buy batik as gift, you can also buy pakaian batik. The batiks products are very amazing and buying batik as gift means you have bought the world's heritage from Indonesia, and you can show it off to your friends.

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Buying Batik Clothing Online

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This article was published on 2011/09/02